CAMCORE, International Tree Conservation and Domestication

About This Partner

Camcore is a non-profit, international tree breeding organization, headquartered at North Carolina State University.  Camcore was formed in 1980 by private industry, and works on behalf of its members to maintain broad genetic bases of the best-adapted and productive species for use in plantation forestry.  Camcore works internationally with four tree genera: Pines, Eucalypts, Gmelina and Teak, in tropical, subtropical and subtemperate regions around the world.  They also work with with several threatened coniferous species native to the southern USA.  Camcore differs from other domestic and international tree improvement efforts in that one of its major emphases, in addition to breeding, is the establishment of ex situ conservation plantings of tree species and populations.


Memorandum of Understanding

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Raleigh, NC, United States


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