Universidad Diego Portales


About This Partner

Universidad Diego Portales is one of the first private universities in Chile and is named after the Chilean Statesman Diego Portales. In 1983, the university embarked on its academic programme with the creation of three faculties: the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, and the Faculty of Psychology. In 1989, two new faculties were created: the Faculty of Information and Communications and the Faculty of Engineering Sciences. In 1991, the university decided to undergo the process of national accreditation with the aim of attaining the status of Autonomous University.

Universidad Diego Portales is comprised of the following colleges/faculties:
  •  Architecture, Art and Design
  •  General and English Training
  •  Social Sciences and History
  •  Communication and Literature
  •  Law
  •  Economics and Business
  •  Education
  •  Engineering and Sciences
  •  Medicine
  •  Psychology
  •  Health and Dentistry
  •  Humanities  
  •  Philosophy
  •  Evening Careers


Memorandum of Understanding

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Vergara 210, Santiago, Región Metropolitana, Chile