Universidad Andrés Bello


About This Partner

The history of the Universidad Andrés Bello begins with its foundation in October 1988. UNAB is a higher education institute that was established with the goal of becoming a pluralistic academic endeavor in the short term, drawing on the best from existing university traditions within Chile while simultaneously meeting the challenges of modernity.  From its beginnings, the aim of UNAB was to include all academic disciplines, with particular emphasis on highly complex scientific fields. It was this focus that led to UNAB becoming the first private university in Chile to be granted accreditation in research. This achievement boosted UNAB’s growth, resulting in significant advancements in terms of infrastructure and equipment.

Universidad Andrés Bello is comprised of the following colleges/faculties:
  •  Chemical Sciences
  •  Physics
  •  Ecology and Biodiversity
  •  Engineering Sciences
  •  English
  •  Biological Sciences
  •  Mathematics
  •  Arts and Humanities
  •  Morphology


Memorandum of Understanding

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Universidad Andrés Bello - Avenida República, Santiago, Chile