Waseda University


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Originally founded as Tokyo College in 1882, the college was formally designated as a university and renamed Waseda University in 1902. Waseda University is the academic home to more than 50,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university has 13 undergraduate and 20 graduate and professional schools. Its mission upholds the principles of independence of scholarship, promotion of the practical application of scholarship, and fostering good citizens. 

Waseda University is comprised of the following colleges/faculties:
  •  Political Science and Economics
  •  Letters, Arts and Sciences
  •  Commerce
  •  Social Sciences
  •  Sport Sciences
  •  Law
  •  Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences
  •  Science and Engineering
  •  Human Sciences
  •  International Research and Education

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Waseda University, Totsukamachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan