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Nanjing Normal University

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Nanjing Normal University was established in 1902, and is one of the national 211 Project Institutions. The university provides programs in various areas such as liberal arts, history, philosophy, education, science, engineering, economics, law and public administration, from undergraduate to post-doctoral. The Chinese language and literature program in Nanjing Normal University has a very high academic prestige in China and is ranked fifth among all the universities with this program.

Nanjing Normal University is comprised of three separate campuses, namely the Suiyuan campus, Xianlin campus and Zijin campus, covering a total area of more than 2 million square meters. Nanjing Normal University enrolls over 36,000 students in 80 undergraduate degree programs, 216 master’s degree programs, 146 doctoral degree programs.

Nanjing Normal University is comprised of the following colleges/faculties:
  •  School of Intensive Programs
  •  College of Teacher Education
  •  Jinling Women's College
  •  School of Law
  •  School of Social Development
  •  School of Geographical Science
  •  School of Physical Education
  •  Taizhou College of Nanjing Normal University
  •  International College for Chinese Studies
  •  School of Chinese Language & Literature
  •  School of Journalism and Communications
  •  School of Mathematics
  •  School of Computer Science
  •  School of Life Science
  •  School of Electrical and Automation Engineering
  •  Zhongbei College of Nanjing Normal University
  •  School of Public Administration
  •  School of Education Science
  •  School of Physical Science and Technology
  •  School of Music
  •  School of Dynamics Engineering
  •  School of Business
  •  School of Foreign Languages and Cultures
  •  School of Chemistry and Materials Science
  •  School of Fine Arts


Memorandum of Understanding 3+1 Accelerated Master’s Program

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Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China