Shinshu University - Faculty of Textile Science and Technology

About This Partner

The foundation of the Faculty of Textile Science and Technology (FTST) dates back to the establishment of the National Ueda Silk Yarn Polytechnic in 1910. Leveraging its unique position as Japan's only faculty of textile science, the faculty promotes diverse, world leading research and educational projects in collaboration with domestic and international research institutes, as well as through collaboration between industry, academia, and government. FTST has more than 1,700 students. Its mission is to help build a sustainable society where human endavors and the global environment can exist in harmony. FTST approaches textile and fiber engineering as an interdisciplinary academic field, therefore encouraging students to bolster their education with basic academic skills to respond flexibly to a fluid society. 

The Faculty of Textile Science and Technology is comprised of the following departments:
  •  Advanced Textile and Kansei Engineering
  •  Mechanical Engineering and Robotics
  •  Chemistry and Materials
  •  Applied Biology


Memorandum of Understanding

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Shinshu University, Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan