Hiroshima Shudo University


About This Partner

Hiroshima Shudo University was established in 1952, in response to a request from the local business community. This request developed out of a conference in 1950 held to discuss the establishment of a university in the local area. In the university’s founding plan, one goal was described as “The nurturing of young people into capable citizens who will help the local community to develop”. As such, HSU’s philosophy is “Fostering people of talent who will contribute to the development of the local community”. Over the past 60 years HSU’s purpose has been realized and HSU’s graduates contribute to various fields, especially in the Hiroshima area, in politics, economics, culture, and sports.  Present-day Japan is facing three new challenges: the declining number of children, an aging population, and a rapidly globalizing world. As such, the mission of HSU is to provide more effective methods of education and research in order to equip students with the skills and wisdom needed to address these issues. 

Hiroshima Shudo University is comprised of the following colleges/faculties:
  •  Commerical Sciences
  •  Humanities and Social Sciences
  •  Law
  •  Economic Sciences
  •  Human Environmental Studies
  •  Health Sciences
  •  Global and Community Studies
  •  Graduate and Professional Programs

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Hiroshima Shudo University, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan